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  • Why Websites Should be Designed with a Concept in Mind

    By Christine Hazel 17 Oct 2019

    Every web design project requires a fitting concept. However, not all web designers take time to brainstorm a concept, particularly if there is a deadline to beat. In this article, we explore effective ways of choosing concepts and try to understand how designers generate ideas. Hopefully, we come into a better understanding of websites and having a good design concept. Concept Development in Web Design As expressed in this work, The Gestalt Principle: Design Theory for Web Designers, designers need to start with a shell design prior before going into…

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  • Easy to Follow Web Design Tricks

    By Christine Hazel 11 Oct 2019

    Web design services these days tend to be generic or flamboyant. Some designers get caught up in the aesthetics that they forget to design a website that users can easily warm up to. Others are too lazy to go the extra mile and use templates instead. But designing a functional and user-friendly website is not as hard as it seems. You can actually keep your design simple while paying attention to these important pieces of advice: 1. Make the most out of unused or negative spaces Web design parlance calls…

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  • How to Improve User Search Experience for Your E-commerce Website

    By Christine Hazel 10 Oct 2019

    In the aspect of user experience (UX), ease of search on your e-commerce website is an important priority area. Complex elements like items on B2B websites tend to confuse buyers, who may not have the luxury of time to explore every nook and cranny of your website for the products they want. Here are practical steps for improving ease of navigation on your B2B or B2C e-commerce site. When looking for products on e-commerce websites, buyers usually do the following: (1) Keyword search – The buyer inputs keywords on your…

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  • 3 Motivation Boosters for Online Entrepreneurs

    By Christine Hazel 04 Oct 2019

    Online entrepreneurs constantly need motivation in order to better cope with ambivalent market forces. This Friday, end your workweek on a high note. Refresh your mind with these motivation-boosters and look forward to another week of productivity. 1. Use Your Fears as Leverage Mark Cuban wrote an article on Bloomberg explaining how the fear of failure motivates him to do better. He said: “No matter what business you’re in, you’re always at risk -- particularly in technology, where it changes so rapidly you’ve got to put in the effort to…

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  • How Much Did the September 2019 Broad Core Update Affect Your Site?

    By Christine Hazel 03 Oct 2019

    After Google rolled out their September 2019 broad core update, the house was divided. Some discussions online mentioned signs of recovery, traffic losses and neutral effects. The recent update was closely tied to linking systems currently in place. Drops in traffic were to be expected but more testimonies were about recoveries and slight ranking surges. Compared to past updates, what transpired in September 2019 have been generally tolerable. Who Won During the Latest Update? Group discussions online tend to be mostly positive. Some quality sites got hit but a closer…

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